Liz, Martin and Steph
I just wanted to send you all an email to say thanks so much for a fantastic week in the Alps. I really enjoyed it, and it has given me the incentive to  look at my own running and push myself a little bit more. I even managed a 30 second PB yesterday in my 1/2 marathon, which Im thrilled with seeing I couldnt face even stairs on Friday! Thanks to you all for your support and encouragement throughout the week, and I hope I see you all again soon - in the Alps, or at a race somewhere else. (Mary, Dublin)
Just wanted to let you know ... I'm at the boulders and my forearms feel amazing. Climbing hard and not getting pumped ... the massage made such a difference :o))))))) ... see you next week! (Matt, pro climber, Chamonix)
Dear Julia and Steph

Thank you so much for the wonderful Detox and Wellness week in Chamonix in June. It was the perfect combination - detox, exercise and healthy eating in the stunning French Alps in spring!

I was pleasantly surprised how delicious (and filling!) the detox juices were and how much energy I had for those three juice days - certainly enough to really enjoy some Nordic walking and the circuit, core strength and yoga sessions.

Highlights included the final day Nordic walking (and trail running!) in glorious sunny weather in the mountains with the inspirational and hugely talented trail running champion Anna Frost; meeting new friends; trail running for the first time (thanks Julia, I really loved it!!); Steph’s massage and invaluable tips and advice on exercise and well being; Polly’s deliciously healthy dinners and the stunningly beautiful view from my bedroom window!!

You’re a great team, enthusiastic, encouraging and so committed to sharing your vast knowledge of the mountains, healthy eating and exercise.

I have learnt so much. See you next year!

Cathy (Australia)

Just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing week. I loved every minute of it and even the rat race of reality (a broken car and public transport for one!) hasn't managed to stopped me from going on about it. Everything about the week I loved... the exercise, the scenery, the food, the company, the relaxation, the beautiful surroundings, both of your's knowledge and encouragement, the motivation, the overall experience and fresh mountain air.
Thank you, thank you, thank you
Zoe (Manchester)
Just wanted to say that Hannah's Body Blitz class this morning was FAB...I loved it! I will be a Friday regular (Bex, Chamonix)
Thanks so much for a fun day out yesterday- totally worth getting up early for. It was a lot of fun to run with such good company- I don't know any long distance runners around here and the only roadies and climbers I go with are was a nice change to have a girls day out! (Chantelle, Switzerland)
Here's what one of detoxer found after he'd finished 3 days of Chamonix Gym's detox.

Afternoon Steph,

I took it easy like you said and had a wee banana and yoghurt for breakie then a salad with tuna and carrot for lunch.  When I went shopping this morning I found myself bypassing all the baguettes, pasta, pizzas etc and just went for pretty basic fruit and veg and some tuna for protein!  I walked out the shop wondering what on earth just happened.. haha

I definitely feel better, a lot less bloated and now feel it has given me the grounds for a healthy summer.  I went out for a run
this morning which felt great so long may this continue! I did really struggle yesterday with the shakes, found myself hungry and had finished them all by 5pm so it was a long evening!!  I caved and had an apple which I didn't think would be too detrimental to the detox.

Well done girls getting so much fitter and slimmer over the last few months!!! Very proud of you ;o)
After having my second baby I never thought I would be able to get myself fit again let alone recover my pelvic floor strength.  I
am so grateful to Steph for opening such a lovely gym here in Les Houches - everything that you need for a cardio or strength training workout.  It has a friendly atmosphere, never too busy, is clean and Steph is usually there to answer any questions or get assistance from.  Steph's classes are really fantastic and she is such an inspiration and gives great motivation to everyone involved.  I have been attending her circuits classes for the last few months - which have seriously got me much fitter and stronger.  I can also highly recommend her core classes and specific pelvic floor exercises.  I seriously thought I was never going to recover - or run again - after the birth of my second child. I feel fitter, more toned and healthier than I have in a very long time.  I have still have a long way to go, but it is certianly not without much thanks to Steph and the Chamonix Gym! (Bex, Les Houches)

Thank you so much for yesterday's Personal Training session. Even though I can’t move my arms very much today! It was perfect - exactly what I was looking for. (Clare, Chamonix)