Here's what one of detoxer found after he'd finished 3 days of Chamonix Gym's detox.

Afternoon Steph,

I took it easy like you said and had a wee banana and yoghurt for breakie then a salad with tuna and carrot for lunch.  When I went shopping this morning I found myself bypassing all the baguettes, pasta, pizzas etc and just went for pretty basic fruit and veg and some tuna for protein!  I walked out the shop wondering what on earth just happened.. haha

I definitely feel better, a lot less bloated and now feel it has given me the grounds for a healthy summer.  I went out for a run
this morning which felt great so long may this continue! I did really struggle yesterday with the shakes, found myself hungry and had finished them all by 5pm so it was a long evening!!  I caved and had an apple which I didn't think would be too detrimental to the detox.


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