This report is amazing. Very impressed and it’s very motivating. Loads to take in and think about but really encouraging. I like your idea about kick-starting my core. Definitely worth a try ... (Ruth, Chamonix)
I'm really loving your gym and my sister who's used to a big impersonal city gym couldn't believe all the lovely personal touches. I'll hopefully be back on the treadmill this afternoon! (Debbie, Chamonix)
This is brilliant! I love stats so it's great for me too!! Really really informative and thorough and helpful. I'll have a proper look at the 5 points thing later. Great idea. (Charlotte, Chamonix)

Thank you so much for yesterday.... felt like it really helped and good to know some stretches. Already managed about 10 mins of stretching this morning before rushing to office (now) ... will do some more tonight! Thanks! (Matt, Chamonix)