10.8 lbs (just under 5kg) WOOP WOOP. I am sooo pleased, such a great start. Thanks for all your support (Tracey, Chamonix)
I thought I knew what exercise was till I got my butt well and truly kicked by Steph Lightfoot at the Chamonix gym. If you want to kick start your fitness regime I seriously recommend her - now who's gonna volunteer to walk the dog tomorrow when I can't get out of bed? (Jacinta, Chamonix)
Just had to say thanks for the run, i've been laughing the whole way home.  Really?  From the MBC to Argentiere and back in 1:45?  That's actually not possible, no wonder my legs feel like jelly!  Thanks for encouraging me up and over,and not letting me wimp out, I really enjoyed it.  Giggle ... (Lisa, Chamonix)

Thanks again for the yoga, feels good to reconnect with my body after driving down from Bristol over the weekend! (Tom, Bristol / Chamonix)