From a lovely lady who's recovering from heart surgery and enjoyed a restorative Thai massage at Chamonix Gym ... "That is the nicest hour of my life in the past year." ... it was a pleasure.
Well what a week!!!!! And what a dazzling array of talent. Not only do we have the best team that SJP has ever assembled for ANYTHING by a mile, but we have superstar table tennis players, DJ's, card players, stretchliners, frizzby chuckers, boules players, and line judges ( some with questionable ethics....). Then we have the breakdancers.......and God knows what else we have yet to discover! An amazing week, and huge thank you's to Jules, Emily, Kenton, Guy, Tiff and Steph for putting it all together and making it happen. What a ton of learning, memories, skills and emergency cashpoint withdrawls we now all have!!!!!! Can't wait for the big three weeks, (and the little bit after) or the remaining training weekends. (Roger, St James Place Everest Training, London)
Thank you! Great yoga session ... You are awesome! (Liz Yelling, UK Commonwealth & 2x Olympic Marathon runner)
A great session Steph, its been a great week all round really ... (Pip Watkins, Adventures in the Alps)