Sun's out, Tour de France is starting in 3 days, who in the Alps isn't thinking BIKE?!

But while there's a lot to be said for just getting out there and pedalling, if you want to see real improvements in your technique and cycling fitness, it's not only about clocking up ks. Take time to focus your ride skills and you'll improve a whole lot faster. Here's Michelle Dillon talking about Watt Bike and how using their bikes is helping Team Dillon athletes train for triathlons and road cycling races. Just a couple of short sessions a week will change the way you ride! (and nice advice at the end too ...). Book a Watt Bike session at Chamonix Gym and see what we mean!

Watt Bike is also ideal if you've hit a plateau in your training, are coming back from injury, or are limited by time. You'll see result  

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