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Trying to explain a juice detox to my beer drinking, burger loving, pizza troughing husband (who is annoyingly slim and fit in spite of it), is a completely lost cause. Before we’ve even started the conversation, he’s already decided NO!!
‘Suspicious hippy green stuff’
‘Only for girls’
‘I don’t like vegetables’

‘I don’t like being hungry’

It’s good for you to give your digestive system a rest
You’ll feel amazing
You’ll feel ‘cleansed’
Your body can absorb so many more nutrients from juices
You’ll be leaner
You’ll have more energy 
You’ll sleep better
Your eyes will sparkle and your skin will look amazing


Frankly, I think he’s just scared he can’t do it. 
So I’ve challenged him to the 3 day juice off!
The rules:
1. He does the Chamonix Gym juice detox for 3 days (no cheating) and then reports back – honestly – how he feels. 
2. If he genuinely doesn’t feel fresher, healthier and leaner for it, I’ll drink beer and eat Macdonald’s for 3 days.
3. If he does feel better for it, I get to be smug! Reward in itself.

Fancy Trying it too?

Expect to: 
Lose weight 
Feel lighter and 'cleaner’
Have glowing skin and sparkling eyes
Sleep like a baby
Not feel hungry!

It’s not a fast, or a near fast like the cabbage soup diet. These juices are full of nutrients and healthy ingredients - not just water. They’re made from 100% fresh fruits and vegetables – including ‘real’ foods like avocados which are packed full of energy and good fats to keep you feeling full. 

The Chamonix Gym Juice Detox starts on 13th November. You can choose to do 3 days or 6 days. Or if you're not convined (or not brave enough!), you can start with 3 then upgrade to 6. Included in the price are free ‘treats’ such as a massage, fitness classes, or a pedicure. The aim is to have you looking and feeling like you've been on a month's holiday - in less than a week!

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