If you hadn't already noticed from the Olympics, athletes come in all shapes and sizes.
Their highly trained bodies are perfectly tuned for their sport - whether that be gymnastics, cycling or weight lifting. Genetic pre-disposition plus a sh!t load of specific training has got them to the top of their game.

But what about us mere mortals? For the average person, fitness is not as 1 dimensional as for Olympians, so it's important to train all aspects of your fitness to achieve a BALANCE. 

Check out the following article on the 5 KEY ELEMENTS OF FITNESS.
Try to do a session a week on each (especially the ones you don't like as the chances are that's what your body needs most!)

'I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds' 
'I'd like to get rid of THIS' (roll of tummy) 
'I want to tone up and lose a bit of weight'

All phrases that we hear A LOT at Chamonix Gym. 

1. Your body composition (weight, fat %, metabolism) is not just controlled by exercise, what you eat plays a massive part too.

2. Losing weight / fat is not rocket science: eat less calories than you burn and you'll lose fat and / or  weight. 

So, if it's that simple, why aren't we all our perfect size, weight, fitness level? What lets us down?
Mainly motivation and modern life! So, here are our top tips to help you improve your diet and lose a bit of extra squidge:

1. Weigh yourself regularly:
It's a lot easier to lose 1/2 a kg that you've put on over an indulgent weekend than bury your head in the sand for months - and then suddenly find your jeans don't fit and you've gained 4kg. 

2. Work out what your ideal weight and calorie requirements are:
It might not be 100% accurate, as everyone's metabolism is different, but it'll give you an idea of what you should be aiming for. Try this online tool, which incorporates your activity levels as well as height and weight. If you'd like help, we offer full body composition and postural analysis.

3. Keep a diary of what you're eating, drinking and doing - at least for a few days:  
With an online food diary or iphone app. It might be a faff to start with, but there's no better way to see where you're falling down, than when you see it in black and white. We reckon myfitnesspal is excellent (www.myfitnesspal.com).

4. If you want to lose weight, aim to create a SUSTAINABLE CALORIE DEFICIT:
Of around 500 calories per day (that's one less glass of wine and a 40 minute jog or equivalent per day).
This can either be through exercise or food - or both. 
Any more and you'll likely end up starving and cave in. Any less and you may not see results.

5. Just choose the healthy option:
You know what it is!!!
More: unprocessed. vegetables. fruit. fibre. lean meat & fish. raw, grilled or poached
Less: sugar, processed foods, red meat, carbs, fat
Healthy doesn't mean tasteless - bring on the spices - garlic, chilli, basil - all virtually calorie free, tasty and super good for you.

6. Don't let yourself get hungry or thirsty:
Always keep a glass of water or uncaffeinated hot drink with you. Keep sipping. All day..If you start to feel hungry or find your concentration wavering, have a healthy snack - an apple, carrot sticks, a few nuts, a single biscuit or square of chocolate. Don't let yourself get starving or deny yourself if you really want something sweet - or you'll end up bingeing.
7. Cut booze (mostly!)
If you like a drink, no problem - wine and beer both have good properties in moderation. But alcohol is massively calorific, full of sugar, and liable to make you cave in to the chips and chocolate. So limit your boozing to once or twice a week.

8. Sleep more:
If you're asleep you can't eat.
And if you're tired, you'll eat more to keep yourself going.
Simple as that.
9. Enlist friends:
To eat healthy food and do healthy things with you.
If you're in it together you'll keep each other motivated.

10. Go for 80:20
80% good, 80% of the time.
Eating well is a choice for life, so give yourself a break once in a while and enjoy whatever it is that you LOVVVVVVE

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