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Sunday morning yoga. What better time to work on keeping body, mind and soul together?
Breathing, postures and relaxation to: Restore, realign and revitalize your body. Improve muscle tone, agility, strength, breathing control and efficiency. Reduce stiffening joints, ease aches and pain. Maintain a healthy circulation and digestive  system. Steady the mind, improve concentration and find your equilibrium. Release stress, emotional tension and balance out mood changes

Ready for the next day on the mountain! 

Come and experience a class based on the classical Sivananda style of yoga which focuses on the remarkable all-round benefits yoga can have on our mental and emotional state, while we work physically for a toned and healthy body, inside and out. Accessible to all levels, regardless of your level of flexibility!

Sunday Morning 10am Classes at Chamonix Gym with Allison, certified Sivananda and Yoga Alliance International teacher.

Prenez le temps de vous ressourcer avec le yoga dimanche matin. Respiration, postures et la relaxation à:
Restaurer, réaligner et revitaliser votre corps. Améliorer le tonus musculaire, l'agilité, la control et l'efficacité de la respiration. Réduire la raideur des articulations, soulage les maux des dos, et maintenir une circulation et un système digestif saine. Favorise la clarté de l'esprit, l’équilibre et la sérénité, et améliorer la concentration. Atténue le stress, la tension émotionnelle et les changements d’humeur.

Pret pour une journee a la montagne!

Venez découvrir une classe basée sur le style classique du yoga Sivananda, qui met l'accent sur les bienfaits remarquable completde yoga sur notre état ​​mental et émotionnel pendant que nous travaillons physiquement pour un corps tonique et en bonne santé - à l'intérieur ainsi qu'à l'extérieur. Accessible à tous les niveaux, quel que soit votre niveau de flexibilité! 

Les cours de Dimanche matin (1000 a Chamonix Gym) sont avec Allison, enseignant certifié Sivananda Yoga et  Yoga Alliance Internationale.  

Check it out here, and look forward to seeing you soon at one of Chamonix Gym's fitness classes:
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Now that the sun's out and Chamonix feels like spring, it's time to reach for your running shoes. Or not.
Barefoot running isn't new news, but this recent report from Japan is definitely worth a watch. And if you're keen to try it, or would like a video analysis of your running, get in touch! A running gait analysis will help you (a) improve your running style and
efficiency and (b) help prevent injuries. For new barefoot runners, we'll introduce you to the techniques and provide a safe environment to give it a go. Seeing yourself on screen with a video analysis of your running is a great way to see how you can improve and help you self-correct. Drop us a line for more information: