This isn’t something I’d normally write about publicly. But I really like the symmetry of this story and it’s been on my mind for a week as it’s (a) lovely, and (b) is still slightly freaking me out!

So I thought I’d share …

Last week, on Feb 11th 2011 – spot the symmetrical date - I travelled back to Chamonix for the weekend, after 6 weeks away from home, while I’ve been studying.

Catching up with my husband, Guy, over a cup of tea that evening, he was explaining his new plans to set up his own server … yes, yawn … bear with me!! He’d originally be intending to set it up in the States, but was explaining that he’s now going to run it from the UK.

“I’ve decided to book with a small company run by proper geeks,” he was saying.

“Yeah you should get in touch with … “ I was about to say my brother’s old company name.

At the exact same moment as he said, “they’re called Mythic Beasts”.

At which point, I nearly fell off my chair.

If you’re still with me, there’s a point to this tale.

Why? Mythic Beasts is a small company based in Cambridge, which my brother (one of the ultimate proper geeks) was involved in setting up.

Guy had never known the name of the company.

So, it’s pretty weird that he’d stumbled across my bro’s old business totally randomly. Among all the server hosting companies he could possibly have looked at, it’s a pretty amazing coincidence that he’d chosen them without me ever mentioning Mythic Beasts’ name.

What’s more amazing is that this conversation happened on February 11: the 4th anniversary of my brother’s death. I’d been thinking about him all day, but I hadn’t mentioned that to Guy either.

Quite a freaky co-incidence, which I’m still totally weirded out by!

I wish my brother was still alive. But I love the fact that it feels like a circle’s somehow been completed, and a connection made between my bro and my husband - purely by chance - and with such auspicious timing. They’d never met, but funny how life has a habit of throwing coincidences at you when you least expect.

Running to Beat Depression:

Oggie died on Feb 11 2007, having battled with depression for 7 years. I am running the London marathon on April 17th – my first road marathon – in his memory (although he’d have told me I was mad and thoroughly disapproved!).  I’ll be raising money for The Samaritans. If you’d like to support my run, and help me help them help other people like Oggie, click on the link, below. I’m not after big donations and I hate asking, but if you can spare a couple of quid, it’s for a cause that means a lot to me.

Thanks for reading!



Welcome to Be Pure Fit's first blog post.

Apologies in advance if you're not finding a finished product ... yet! Bear with us while we get the final tweaks to our website sussed, and in the mean time, here's a little bit of info:   

What is Be Pure Fit About?  

Be Pure Fit is simply about sharing our passion for sport, fitness and healthy living in Chamonix … and beyond. It’s about finding a balance in our crazy mountain world.

BE – is to live in the moment, right here right now.

PURE – Pure is about feeling alive, healthy, energised, happy! Pure is first tracks in virgin powder. Pure is running free. Pure is home grown vegetables. A first sip of wine. Fresh, clean bed sheets. A crisp, sunny morning ... always changing ....

FIT – is to be able. Fit to touch your toes, fit after an injury, fit to learn a new sport, fit to run a marathon, fit to race the world’s elite. Fit-ting into an old pair of jeans. Or just fit to walk to the end of the road and back.

BE PURE FIT sounds like BE PERFECT. And that’s what we’re after. Different for each and every one of us.
But shared in those perfect moments of just being, being pure, feeling fit. 

Translated into Non-Waffly Professional Terms:

Be Pure Fit is a unique fitness consultancy based in Chamonix in the French Alps, offering:

"A refreshingly 'real' approach to fitness, wellness, food, injury prevention and athletic performance. Personalised training programmes combining a wealth of anatomical knowledge with the latest in sports science and nutritional expertise. Blending gym based training with outdoor mountain adventures, 'anatomical' yoga and hands-on therapy ... to help you achieve REAL results."

We specialise in:
Personal Training
Fitness testing
Sports Therapy & Massage
Postural and Gait analysis
Body rebalancing
Endurance & Expeditions
Mountain Sports Training

Join our journey in Chamonix and elsewhere: to being fitter, healthier, performing better, feeling better, and finding the happy middle ground where everything just clicks into place and is ...

It’s a constantly evolving work in progress!!!

Look forward to seeing you, meeting you, working with you soon.