Welcome to Be Pure Fit's first blog post.

Apologies in advance if you're not finding a finished product ... yet! Bear with us while we get the final tweaks to our website sussed, and in the mean time, here's a little bit of info:   

What is Be Pure Fit About?  

Be Pure Fit is simply about sharing our passion for sport, fitness and healthy living in Chamonix … and beyond. It’s about finding a balance in our crazy mountain world.

BE – is to live in the moment, right here right now.

PURE – Pure is about feeling alive, healthy, energised, happy! Pure is first tracks in virgin powder. Pure is running free. Pure is home grown vegetables. A first sip of wine. Fresh, clean bed sheets. A crisp, sunny morning ... always changing ....

FIT – is to be able. Fit to touch your toes, fit after an injury, fit to learn a new sport, fit to run a marathon, fit to race the world’s elite. Fit-ting into an old pair of jeans. Or just fit to walk to the end of the road and back.

BE PURE FIT sounds like BE PERFECT. And that’s what we’re after. Different for each and every one of us.
But shared in those perfect moments of just being, being pure, feeling fit. 

Translated into Non-Waffly Professional Terms:

Be Pure Fit is a unique fitness consultancy based in Chamonix in the French Alps, offering:

"A refreshingly 'real' approach to fitness, wellness, food, injury prevention and athletic performance. Personalised training programmes combining a wealth of anatomical knowledge with the latest in sports science and nutritional expertise. Blending gym based training with outdoor mountain adventures, 'anatomical' yoga and hands-on therapy ... to help you achieve REAL results."

We specialise in:
Personal Training
Fitness testing
Sports Therapy & Massage
Postural and Gait analysis
Body rebalancing
Endurance & Expeditions
Mountain Sports Training

Join our journey in Chamonix and elsewhere: to being fitter, healthier, performing better, feeling better, and finding the happy middle ground where everything just clicks into place and is ...

It’s a constantly evolving work in progress!!!

Look forward to seeing you, meeting you, working with you soon.


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