Billed as 'a simple 15 minute routine that will change your body ... and your life' this flowing series of exercises is based on an ancient Tibetan ritual, and has gained massive popularity across the world. Looking a lot like a variation on a yoga sun salutation, the 5/7 steps (depending on whether you choose the traditional option or the 'willpower' method) have started popping up in exercise classes everywhere! Essentially they're a series of moves that will wake up your whole body, use every muscle group, and progressively develop your flexibility, strength, power, balance and control. You can do the 5 Tibetan steps anywhere, the moves can be adapted for any level of fitness, and you don't need any equipment.

Maybe it's a passing trend. And for sure, there's nothing new here - many of the moves are things you'll have seen in yoga, pilates or core strength classes. But bring it on! You could definitely do a whole lot worse than spending a few minutes each day 'at one' with yourself, moving your body, and connecting. Enough of the cardio slog slog slog, make time for a more balanced approach to fitness!

Here are 2 videos - one is the 7 step 'willpower' method, the other is the simple 5 classic moves. Enjoy practising at home, or come along to Chamonix Gym yoga classes if you'd like to know more!

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