Power Plates have had a lot of press, a lot of celebrity endorsements, and cost a lot of money! From elite athletes, to weight loss miracles and injury recovery, there's a use for a Power Plate. But how much of it is hype and how much is actually true? Read on to find out what the fuss is all about, what exactly Power Plates do? And hopefully clarify what's really real and what's kind of not! (please note this is my own opinion based on personal experience!)

Basically a Power Plate is a vibrating platform that you perform exercises on. The plate vibrates in several planes - up and down, side to side and forwards and backwards at super fast speeds, while you exercise on it. You do all the same sorts of exercises you might normally do in the gym ...
According to the manufacturers, the benefits are many-fold!

Results - FAST:
The Power Plate vibrations mean that any exercise you do on it is much harder for your body! Working on an unstable platform means that you have to recruit more muscle power, proprioception, balance and control than doing the same thing on the floor. Hence the idea of doing less reps - in a more focused way - for superior results. However, you do actually need to exercise on it. Just standing there won't achieve much apart from a headache!

Fire your muscles up:
Power Plate can be used for a quick way to warm up and fire up your core muscles (or others!) before a work out. Warm up quicker, easily target particular muscle groups, and protect yourself from injury.
Core strength:
Perform the same core exercises you might do on the floor, a Bosu, or a swiss ball and the extra vibrations will make your core muscles work that much harder. Get stronger, quicker! It's hard to say for sure, but doing a side plank on it definitely feels harder work than normal and my obliques are definitely looking more toned ... more so that if I'd just been doing it on the floor? Who knows!

Improved flexibility:
This is where the Power Plate comes into its own. My own experience is that stretching on it is amazing!  Based on the same technique often used by physios/sports therapists/masseurs to help your muscles stretch and increase range of movement, but 100s of times faster. The vibrations mean your muscles are forced to contract and relax at high speeds, leading to increased flexibility as the muscle is encouraged to stretch further than it might on a static surface. That's not to say a Power Plate replaces seeing the physio - but I'm definitely feeling longer and leaner from stretching on it.

Bone mineral density:
The Power Plate was originally developed for Russian astronauts to help prevent loss of bone mineral density and muscle mass while in space. Studies do seem to show it works ... and since we all lose bone density (particularly women) with age, it's a benefit worth noting!
Look good:
All that wobbling increases blood flow, helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduces the build up of toxins ... leading to glowing skin, reduced cellulite and less bloating. In theory! ...

Lose Weight:
Claiming Power Plate as a miracle weight loss tool is a bit misleading. Unless you're using it for hardcore cardio, it's not a big calorie burner! However, used for strength exercises, it is likely to help increase muscle tone and muscle mass, which means you'll increase your metabolic rate and as muscle is denser than fat, you'll become leaner and smaller over time ... 

Improved cardio fitness:
When we have such an amazing playground to do work up a sweat in, I personally wouldn't use it for a cardio workout, but I have heard people say that it's good ...

I'll put myself out of a job endorsing this one, but have to say it does work a treat for massaging my calves after a long run.

To find out more or book a session to see how Power Plate can work for YOU, get in touch: info@bepurefit.com  

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