While normally in April, I’d be on the hunt for epic ski touring and waist deep powder, this year it's all about running. With 12 DAYS til the London marathon, I’m having dilemas.

Dilema no 1: Tapering
Officially I’ve done my last big run (36km last Wednesday). But can’t quite believe that’s it. Heart screams: ‘do one more long run, you’ll feel much better for it.’ Personal trainer head screams back: ‘stick to the plan. Now’s the time to REST, knowing you can get round. Plus - anything you do in the last 2 weeks won’t make you fitter or more able to cope with 26.2 – in fact you'll probably just get over tired and risk injury.’ Head. Heart. Head. Heart. Head. Heart?  

Dilema no 2: Eating and drinking
Healthy eating head says, ‘Carbo load, protein, veg, little and often, lots of sleep and no booze.’ Wing it head says, ‘Chocolate and wine fall into an entirely separate category – and surely a little bit won't hurt. Think of the benefits of blood thinning, 'feel good' hormones and relaxation … ‘ Reality says – a guy just ran the LA marathon in a ridiculously fast time fuelled for a month on nothing but Macdonalds. Thinking a little of what you love never hurt. Betting the wing it head wins!!

Dilema no 3: What to wear
Seriously! Do I go trail running ‘cool’, Pink and spangly. Or something much more noticeable in the spirit of the event?

Oh the traumas.

Right then. Back to work!

Wish me luck.
5/4/2011 06:09:28 am

nice post. keep running as often, just less so. and definitely pink and spangly on the day.

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