We all know what we SHOULD be doing to be healthier.
And if time and money – mainly time! - were no object, of course we WOULD.

Wouldn’t it be lovely:
   To fuel ourselves with delicious, organic, balanced meals that really taste like REAL food?
   To sleep uninterrupted for 7-8 hours every night - in a perfectly dark, quiet room
   To enjoy varied exercise 5 times a week?
   To spend more time with the people we love?
   To enjoy a massage and feel your muscles really unwind?
   To breathe deeply? 
   To spend a quiet moment alone, every day? 
   To actually relax?

Yeah right!

We all know we’d benefit from it. 
Permanent ‘Fight or Flight’: 
We know that if we continue to run our bodies at a constant level of stress we’ll get ‘stuck’ in that permanently wired state of fight or flight. We know our blood pressure will go up, our cortisol levels (stress hormone) will shoot through the roof, and our  poor adrenal glands will become exhausted.

We know that if we’re chronically sleep deprived our immune systems will become weak, and if we eat processed rubbish our insulin will spiral out of control and our cholesterol levels will rise … We know that we need to eat well and exercise and find a
happy life balance or our bodies will eventually decline into fat storing, high risk, heart attacks waiting to happen.

We know ALL THAT
Let’s be Honest!
We also know – deep down - that many of the ailments we’re already suffering from, or might do soon, are directly related to our lifestyles NOW. They’re not something we can worry about in the future. We know that if we made some changes now  they’d make all the difference to how we look, how we feel, and how healthy we’ll be as we get older.

Let’s be Really Honest:
This is Real Life! Juggling a full time job with travel, family, kids, sleep, friends, hobbies, social life, traffic, money worries, responsibilities … We do try to be healthy. We really do. But it just never seems to be enough. There aren’t enough hours in the day. So we give in a little. And then don’t really see results. So we give up.

Our modern lives are run at an insane pace: It’s no wonder our bodies are having a meltdown. And we’re not alone. Our lack of everyday wellness is costing us, our companies, and our countries billions every year.

So what can we do about it that’s REALISTIC?
3 ‘Es’: make a little difference every day … to make all the difference:

1. Eat some form of protein and some form of fresh fruit/vegetable with every meal.
2. Eat little and often and don’t let yourself get hungry.
3.  Just choose the healthy option – you know exactly what it is!
Stick to those 3 ‘rules’ then have a day off a week when you do/eat whatever you like.

1. If motivation is your enemy: Get a good personal trainer. If you’ve paid. You’ll go!
2. If time if your enemy: Find little ways to build exercise into your day. Seek advice.
3. If friends / family are your enemy: Include them and get active together.
Make it fun … Take lessons or ask an exercise professional for help. You’ll see results quicker & enjoy it more. 

1. Sleep: Do you really need to be faffing around on the internet at midnight? Go to bed!!
2. Make time for yourself every day. Even if it’s only 5 minutes. Be quiet. Be still. And breathe.
3. Be on time. We all do it! Rush rush rush panic. Don’t add to your daily stress by being late.
And … do one thoughtful thing every day for someone you love! Then smile and feel good ;o)

Seriously – try it for a week! 

Be Pure Fit are working in Partnership with DGI (Development Group International) to provide wellness solutions in the work place. For more information on the little things you can do to make big changes to your wellbeing, get in touch: 
www.bepurefit.com | info@bepurefit.com 

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