It already seems like about a year ago that we ran the London marathon, and as one of my personal training clients just reliably informed me, the Chamonix Marathon is only 7 weeks away. Crap. Better start running up some hills.

In the mean time, here's just a quick review of London, which was, as hoped, a totally amazing experience. The Chamonix girls (Steph & Charlotte) ran it together: The goal was sub 4 hours, lots of fun, and high-fiving as many kids as possible along the way.
It started with a bit of an epic, after a missed 1st flight, a delayed 2nd flight and a final mission across London to register, only to get there 5 minutes late and be told NO. No entry. No running. No sponsorship. Absolutely NO way. Pulling all cards, strings and more, there were tears, pleading, begging, feet stamping, even a phone call to Richard Branson's daughter ... until eventually the organisers were kind enough to take pity on us, bend the rules and let the 8 of us 'late crew' in. What a stress!!!

Race day was everything I hoped and more. What an amazing experience to be a part of such an enormous event - around 37,000 runners, raising something like £50 million for charity, the London Marathon is a never to be forgotten experience.

Highlights of the day: SHEWEEs - OMG. Female urinals. Hilarious. Brilliant. Seeing London as a runner on a beautiful sunny day. So many people trying so hard for such good causes. Amazing. Crowd support. Incredible costumes: the bride & groom, the 2 rhinos, the army boys, the guy who did it all backwards ... and of course crossing the line under our goal time, feeling good, and enjoying it!

Big respect to Iain Martin who ran as Chewie, and Chamonix mountain guide & athlete Jon Morgan who now holds the world record for the fastest cartoon character (Fred Flinstone). MASSIVE thanks to Sarah for having me to stay, to Charlotte for running together, to Mum and everyone else who came to watch. And of course to everyone who sponsored me for The Samaritans - especially Pete & co from Mythic Beasts and Alex and team from Media Molecule. THANK YOU!! Hopefully somewhere, somehow Oggie was there to enjoy the day too, and be proud of being part of an incredible event.

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