A word of warning to athletes, new business owners, busy folk, parents and any other go-go-go type As who don't know the meaning of the words STOP and RELAX: 

Be careful what you wish for! 
This week is all about learning to listen to my own advice. As anyone who knows me will testify, I’m not one for being easy on myself: work hard, play hard, do sport hard, push myself hard. And in the quest for balance, I’m the first to admit, I don’t always – often? - get it right. It’s a slow learning curve! Only a few days ago, I was whinging on to the (long suffering) husband:
“Just one day of doing nothing: wake up when I wake up, laze around, lie in the sun,  potter about, read the news, watch TV, cook something nice, actually listen, speak to my mum. Not rush rush rush.”
Dream on! Just be careful what you wish for ...
… I WISH! Don't we all?! So then I carried on at my usual pace: Long days. Physical job. Worrying about stuff. Grabbing any free time to do more exercise: Got 6 hours spare, sport is what I do, right? ... MUST TRAIN AND BE FITTER THAN I’VE EVER BEEN … who’s up for a big bike ride?! And late evenings: It’s summer in the Alps - glass of rose anyone? Got to have it all.
Cyclists tacking the final climb in the Etape: Alpe d'Huez

And now, funnily enough here I am: ‘exactly’ where I want to be: 
Instead of riding yesterday's Etape du Tour (well done everyone by the way), I'm on Day 4 of ‘lazing around’, having spent the last 72 hours trudging a now well-worn path from bed to toilet, with the gastro from hell. Ok this is way too much info, but seriously: where’s it all coming from?!  I've been flopping about - exhausted and dizzy. Dipping in and out of the ‘news’ – aka celebrity pages – Harper SEVEN??!  Half watching shit TV – Sir Alun will you please please please fire Natasha, yeah? Nibbling dry biscuits and sipping coke,‘There’s a time and a place for full fat coke and now is it!’ And feeling more unwell, weedy & pathetic than I can remember.

While I realise I’m being utterly melodramatic when there are far more hideous degrees of suffering out there – clearly I’m not cut out for illness! - my point is: It might be today, or it might be in 10 years. It might be a few days of miserable gastro, it might be an injury, or it might be a whole lot more serious. At some point, and in some way, your body will respond when you over-do it. And possibly not when, or in the way, that you might imagine. So, here’s what I’m trying to get to grips with:


So if you feel the need to spend a day lazing around in the sun and eating unhealthy food – maybe that’s exactly what you should do? Stop pushing so hard, now. Give yourself a break, now. Chill out, let your body fight back, catch up, recharge, recover - now. And the chances are you won’t get sick and you’ll be stronger, fitter, better, and more BALANCED - for longer!

Wish I’d listened to my own advice! ;o(

Right then. Lecture over. Off to attempt a slice of plain toast. Or, ooooh go wild, maybe a rice cake with a scrape of jam. Oh no. Too soon. Back to the  comfort of that toilet … Ps. Thanks to everyone who has stepped in to help run the gym and training over the last few days. Back to Business as usual asap!
12/7/2011 05:54:08 pm

Been there, puked it. Rest days and recovery weeks are essential.

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