Join our new Chamonix Tuesday night road biking sessions and go from zero to Lance quicker than you can clip in and out of your new (scary?) pedals. In case you hadn't noticed, road biking is where it's at for summer 2012, so if you want to join the lycra clad crew, it's time to learn to be a better, safer, smarter rider. Aimed at beginner to intermediate cyclists, you'll learn to bike with confidence, train intelligently, stay safe, understand the etiquette (and skills) for riding in a group, and pick up the essentials of maintenance. Don't miss out! €100 per person
Tuesday nights 1800-1930: 26th June, 3rd, 10th, 17th July 
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Week 1: 26th June - Basic bike handling skills.
Sounds obvious, but when you're balancing on 2cm wide tyres, you need to practice control. Learn balance, stopping & starting, riding the ups, riding down, steering, using your drops, controlling your cadence, eating and drinking on the move, emergency stopping etc.

Week 2: 3rd July - Fitness for biking.
What to do to improve your fitness - going longer, pushing harder, learning how to pace yourself for hills and long days (very important in the Alps!). Eating and drinking on the go - when, how much, what? Stretching and strength training for cycling.

Week 3: 10th July - Bike maintenance.
Get to know your bike - learn the essentials of what to carry and how to use it. Practise the vital skills of tyre changing, bike cleaning, and more. (nb. this session may be swapped with week 2).

Week 4: 17th July - Bringing it together
We'll head out for a longer, faster ride. Understand the etiquette of riding in a peleton. Learn about drafting to your advantage. Work out route planning and timings, get the hand signals down pat, and learn how to stay safe and make friends on the road!

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Look forward to riding with you soon!

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