It's summer season in Chamonix, which means more time out playing in the mountains, and more pressure on our bodies. Being fit and healthy isn't just about beasting yourself. It's also about recovery - and we all need to look after our muscles if we're going to ask more of them.

To celebrate summer in the Alps, we're offering 10% off massages for anyone who's taking part in any of next weekend's races - the Vertical KM, Chamonix 10km, Chamonix Cross or Chamonix Marathon.
Book now for your pre-race and post-race massages.

Never underestimate the healing power of massage and touch – the list of physical, physiological and mental benefits are endless … 

Relax and Unwind
Speed recovery from exercise
Reduce pain caused by
muscle tightness
Improve circulation
Lengthen muscles that are short and
Stimulate muscles that are lazy
Restore energy levels
Alleviate joint stiffness and immobility
Improve flexibility
Flush toxins,
chemicals and water retention
Calm mood and release emotional tension
Improve immunity by stimulating white blood cells
Reduce scar
tissue and stiffness
Relieve headaches
Reduce blood pressure
Promote sleep …
Massages at Chamonix Gym from €45 … Massages at home from €65.
Contact us for more information or to book your Chamonix Massage now!

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